"The results I have gained working with life coach Mimi Vanderheide have been invaluable. I have gained a higher level of self awareness and discovery having become more focused on goal setting taking my business to a higher level. Mimi is morally motivated to help others and is enthusiastic about their progress. I highly recommend Mimi to anyone wanting to realize their full potential in any area of their life. Thanks for your attentiveness, showing my worth by giving your undivided attention." JPM, Chilliwack, BC

"She asks provocative questions for win/win results." PMB, Vancouver, BC

"I am thrilling in discovering my personal truths and life's purpose with the professional guidance of Mimi's life coaching." KLP, Yarrow, BC

"My time with Mimi Nelson has been very productive. I have been challenged to look deep within and confront issues in my past that have been blocking my progress and life in the here and now. I have also continued to discover my potential and Mimi has helped me realize, and continue to realize this. With the help of Mimi, I feel that I can move forward. Mimi has encouraged me to continue to find balance in my life. She has helped me realize that balance is the key to being whole. This was a goal from the beginning. I had expressed this desire for balance at our first meeting. Mimi has challenged me to look deep at the roots of my motives and see things uncovered, as they truly are. Mimi Nelson has been truly motivating. She has, in a compassionate yet firm manner, guided me toward healing myself and seeing others in a more compassionate light. I have been blessed to have had Mimi as my life coach."

JF, Chilliwack, BC

"It is my pleasure to recommend Mimi Nelson as a Coach.  Mimi's engaging style made it easy to openly share my thoughts and feelings during our conversations.  Her insightful questions and honest feedback helped me identify a number of opportunities and develop action plans that moved me forward." KCD, San Diego, CA
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