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Rescue Your Relationships:

7 Steps to Salvaging your Intimate Partnerships

Wondering whether to end your intimate relationship? Would really rather have a great marriage?  Realizing you're not a whole person and expecting the other person to "complete you" or make you happy?

It is possible to move a zero relationship to a TEN RELATIONSHIP!! Who wouldn't want one of those?

Step 1 - You are here...for now 

Step 2 - Rockin' Your Core Foundation

Step 3 - Plotting Your Course

Step 4 - Know Your Limits

Step 5 - The Eye of the Perfect Storm

Step 6 - 360 Degree Navigational Design

Step 7 - You've Arrived!


First week is a 2 hour session each to give you both some major help now!

This is followed by 11 weekly 45 minute sessions for each of you.

$1400.00 per couple (monthly financing available)

Mastermind Groups:

I use the hot seat method!! A group of us together around a table giving others feedback, ideas, advice, resources and receiving feedback from others.

Napoleon Hill coined the term "mastermind" in the book Think and Grow Rich

The benefit for each member is they "...may borrow & use the education, the experience, influence & perhaps the capital of other people in carrying out your own plans in life."

Parts of life that can be benefited from being in a group

* relationship building/recovery
* pre-marriage/marriage foundations
* divorce recovery
* spirituality/belief changes
* parenting/step-parenting


12 week series; 2-hour weekly sessions

After each 4 sessions, you may choose a 30-minute one-on-one with me

$385.00 (monthly financing available)

Between October-December, 2014 - $349.00

One-on-one Coaching:

This is client based and client led. What you want to accomplish is foremost! We look at how doable it is, what the recurring activities are and make strategies to accomplish what you want!

I have one purpose in my life coaching: to guide you to play the games in your life in such a way that you will WIN!! I'll show you how to play big with purpose so life is exciting and the possibilities you've chosen are truly what you want.


12 week series; 30-minute weekly sessions in person or over Skype

$800.00 (monthly financing available)

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