We were doing firewood this morning starting about 6:30am. It's not something you want to forget to do during the summer months because looking for firewood in -30 with 3 feet of snow isn't much fun! It is exciting watching the trees fall...'timber'...and then buck them up, split them and stack them. It's not a super precise process which is unlike making kitchen cabinets out of wood. There is some heavy duty measuring and understanding how each piece will fit together...measure twice, cut once...and then attaching them in just the right place.

I got to thinking while swamping...I mean assisting...that life is that way too. Some things can be done without much thought to the precise outcome and other things need to be well thought out before attempting and then all the way through the process.

Which areas of your life are you throwing things together and what part of your life are you being very careful with? Does this reflect your current values?