Not for a paycheque; I work for a cause!

Do you know how many times you have been judged? Or done the judging? Everyday of our lives we are told in some way, shape or form that we are under par; no good; deficient in some way. We believed it eventually even though we didn’t come out of the womb thinking there’s something wrong with us. Even with my own kids, I noticed signs of an ‘IDS’ internal deficiency syndrome by very young.  Was it me that gave them that thought? I am sure I did. In small ways, even our precious babes grow up with a core perceived to be less than. Some call this toxic shame. I call it judgment.

My cause?

To remove judgment from our society.

Just saying that scares me. It’s so big. I cannot do this. Not alone. With help? Maybe. With help of the Greater Love? Absolutely!

This is the Inspiration Age. No longer are we satisfied with a paycheque; we desire a cause. A calling if you will. To be inspired by something other than our debt-backed money system. I see it all the time in my coaching. And I want you to see it too.

What is your Diamond in the Sky? Come on now, stay with me. You and our planet deserve inspiration with your unique energy, your unique spin and your unique compassion.

When I ask people what they think their purpose is, I most often hear, ‘to help people.’ Awesome! What cause brings tears to your eyes or that you don’t understand could even be happening on a planet with thinking, conscious people?

Become their voice.

And live for something bigger than money. As Jim Carrey put it, “I wish everyone could get rich and famous and everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that's not the answer.