Focus:  Living a Full Life (versus a busy life)

This section is focused on 1 tip you can implement in daily conversation in order to reset your mindset & speak with power.

"You're always so BUSY!"
"I'm always so BUSY!!!"
"What do you do to keep BUSY?"

Sound familiar? I hear this being said across the board, and I myself, am constantly reminded by others how "busy" I am. For whatever reason, any reference to being "busy" often stimulates anxiety within me, mainly because I interpret it as aimless activity, activity with limited cause or living without purpose. Life is meant to be LIVED, it's meant to be embraced and it's meant to be abundant (FULL of meaning)!!! This is how I choose to live my life....aligned with purpose instead of idleness. What about you???

Whenever people comment on how "busy" I am, I usually rephrase, and affirm within myself and outloud that "Yes, I lead (or I am leading) a VERY FULL LIFE!" I have a much greater satisfaction and joy when I affirm this, than when I accept the cultural normality of being busy. 

Here's why it's worth every effort to live a FULL (fulfilling) life over a busy one:

It's better to fill your life with substance, not busy-ness. So often people confuse busy-ness with a sense of importance. Many love to be busy for the sake of being busy. They don't know who, what, when or why. There is just a comfort in being busy, interpreting it as being needed, wanted or in high demand. Being busy however is simply occupation of time (valuable time), versus truly living life. Don't fool yourself into thinking otherwise!

2- You are focused on purpose - Investing into something bigger than one moment. I admit, spending time in front of the TV can be entertaining, going to the mall can be fun, or hanging around with friends doing nothing can be comforting, at the same time what does it do for you in the long run? How does it make you a better person? You can spend a lot of time on meaningless activities, and maybe you will enjoy them, however, I can guarantee you that the last stories/memories you share with your loved ones, will not be about any TV series, the biggest gossip of 2005, or any supercute outfit that you bought that fine sunny day in 1999!

Think of it in in terms of investing in yourself as you would invest your money. Do not waste your money (time), use it wisely! Limit your spending (note: a little busy-ness is healthy), and INVEST INVEST INVEST in whatever brings you a large return for your investment! Examples:

Invest in relationships that improve your life (that make you a better person). Surround yourself with those you wish to learn from, and those eager to learn from you. Invest in your mind: good education, books, ongoing training. Invest in a harmonious life...let your money or good old fashion sweat make sure your home is organized and clean. Invest in a healthy body with a healthy exercise routine and diet. Invest in spiritual worship, may it be a weekly public gathering, daily prayer or meditation. Invest in making this world a better place for those around you (recycling programs, charity, or any other platform).  Be sure to make a profitable return on your investment! Ideally whatever you do is designed to make you a better person in the next moment, and in all future moments.

3- Living a full life builds meaning. It builds confidence. When you build something with meaning, your sense of meaning grows exponentially, and as that meaning grows, so does your passion and so does your confidence. You see yourself as a vehicle of purpose. You see yourself worthy. As you affirm that you are leading a full life (through your actions), you are actively affirming that you are on track (fulfilling your vision), and that feels good! And because it feels good, it gives you even more reason to feel good about yourself. And the progressive cycle continues.... because everyone benefits by your presence.

4- You get to slow down and smell the roses!
Busy-ness implies you cannot get everything done you want to get done, being in a rush, or in anxiety.. Living a full life, implies, loving and savoring every moment, because every moment is honoring and embracing what is most important to you. Think of your favorite meal...would you rather have 5 minutes to consume it, or would you prefer to just enjoy it for as long as is natural to you? Busy-ness is limited by time, whereas living a full life is an ever-growing opportunity that you can always expand into something bigger! There are never any limits when it comes to living a full life, however there are all kinds of limits when it comes to fitting all the busy-ness in! Smell the roses, it's what God intended them for!

When you seek to occupy your time, you invite in busy-work, busy-life, often a sense of emptiness. When you seek fulfillment, you live life as it is meant to be!

Mirror Mirror On The Wall
~Affirmations for Conversations with Self~

Speaking to Self....
Great reminders of the value of living a FULL life!

Someone Says...

You Say....
I'm so busy!!!                                      
Ha! You must lead a very full life! What priorities are you focused on right now?

Really? How does all that you are doing fit in with your life goals, priorities & vision?

You're always so busy!!!  I lead a very full life, fulfilling what's most important to me each and every day! It's a lot, and I absolutely absolutely love it!!

I do lead a very full life!  I know what I want, and I employ every opportunity to honor those desires. My life, joy, happiness and health are worth it!
What do you do to keep busy?   I have an abundance of passions, goals and desires that drive my life.

Everything I do I love, and everything I love I do!

I am so happy, fulfilled & grateful... that as I live my life with fullness, demonstrating a life of purpose, I attract the most amazing people who value growth, progress and expansion just as much as I do!
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