The Value & Power of Affirmations

Think of your mind as a computer. Reprogram it with the latest and greatest software, so that it overrides the negative and mindless programs previously running. Once your new program is fully installed, results are revealed on your computer screen, the window of your living experience. Yes, it is that simple, but remember as with any new program, it takes PRACTICE to become familiar with how it works so that you can maximize the benefits to your advantage. AFFIRM ALOUD AT LEAST 3 TIMES: I love having the power to reprogram my mind any way I choose.

Encourage Yourself - Be your #1 Encourager and Fan. It's great when others are there to encourage us through challenging times or perhaps during times of excitement or tremendous growth. However, there are times when that support might appear non-existent. Use affirmations to encourage yourself, especially when no one else is. We all deserve to be positively recognized and encouraged each and every day! Even when we have a strong cheerleading squad, be just as diligent in your support of yourself, as it develops confidence in your own credibility and judgment. Reason being, if our support disappears, it tends to be more challenging to rely solely on our own encouragement, especially if it was never there in the first place. Therefore, when you have been actively supporting and encouraging yourself all along, you can confidently stand, knowing your #1 fan is still right with you all the way!


Be your #1 Encourager and Fan. 

Repeat: I am proud of all the good things I have created in my life.

Repeat this statement with confidence. Notice this statement stands true regardless of any negativity you might think is or has been present in your life. Focus and resonate only on the positive, because THAT is what makes you feel good. Choose to give yourself acknowledgement and credit for what you have successfully created for yourself and those around you.


The Conscious-Subconscious Relationship. 
In the most simplest terms, the Subconscious is where all information from your life experience is stored. I think of the subconscious as your automatic pilot. There are desirable auto-pilot programs and there are the less desirable. The subconscious obey orders without judgment or question. It is an obedient servant to your conscious mind.

The Conscious Mind is the gatekeeper to the subconscious. The conscious mind chooses which thoughts it allows to pass through to the subconscious. In our modern day, we have been trained to allow our conscious thought to accept whatever is in front of us. If someone tells us we are dumb, we might accept it, unless, we have consciously declared ourselves to be smart. Note: We are most susceptible to mindlessly accept anything repetitive in nature, such as, You can't, DON'T!, you aren't good enough, and the list goes on. How often are we bombarded with commercials and even the media detailing to us of how much we are lacking and how incomplete we and our lives are. It is vital we guard our subconscious mind.

The Conscious Mind dictates to the Subconscious. The subconscious obediently complies, and results are manifested in your behavior and interaction with the world.

You are who your subconscious believes you are. The only way you can influence your subconscious is through your conscious thought. Make a conscious effort to nourish your subconscious with positive, abundant thought. Affirm: I now allow positive thoughts to occupy my mind.

How long does it take to work? The question I ask you to think about is, how soon do you need it to work? That is just a stand-alone question for you to consider, because in my experience it has always come through to me whenever I needed it. Manifestation can be instantaneous, or it can take time, weeks, months, and yes, even years. It depends on your fervent desire, the volume of deprogramming, and your commitment to practice. Clearly, with more practice and precision, the more instantaneous and miraculous the manifestations come to be. The proper formatting of the affirmations is also important.

The ideal affirmation....

1- Use positive wording I am eating healthy, versus I am no longer eating fatty junk. 

2- Affirm in the present tense    I am successful, versus I will be successful

3- Connect to a positive emotion    Use terms such as, I am excited.., I love.., or just feel the emotion as you connect with the  affirmation.

Be persistent. Affirmations are most powerful when spoken or read aloud. Repetitive writing is also highly effective.

For more details on how to maximize the use of affirmations, I invite you to sign-up for myownfocusPAD, a monthly newsletter featuring a series of affirmations focused on one monthly topic. Affirmations have already been prepared for your use and come in a range of varying power, from the most gentle of suggestions to the most assertive commands. You choose which affirmations resonate best with you.

Be persistent and let it flow. Again, my focus is to help YOU make a difference in your life. Therefore, I continue to bring you structure and varying systems you can immediately apply and almost effortlessly integrate into your life. It is your choice to apply what is presented. Let it be easy....I am excited for you!

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